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Star Wars The Old Republic is now Available For Pre-Order..!

July 21, 2011 5 comments

That’s right folks, and in case you missed it, you can now pre-order SW:TOR!  After jumping through my a$$ here at work (game sites are blocked – imagine that!) and going through the painful process of ordering and registering my account code via iPhone, I am now the proud owner of the SW:TOR Digital Deluxe Edition.  I think the total for it was like $83… a bit steep if you ask me, but hey… it’s STAR WARS man!  That being said though, as much as I love Star Wars and MMO’s in general, I just couldn’t bring myself to pony up the $150 they wanted for the CE edition.  Not that it would’ve mattered anyway since, at least on Origin’s site the CE version was already SOLD OUT.  Cr@Zy!

Did anyone else hear/read anything about an actual release date?  A buddy told me that he had heard/read NOVEMBER 15TH….

Edit:  While looking around at the other vendors offering SW:TOR pre-orders, I noticed this on the Amazon site:

Product Details

  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • ASIN: B005B8DRVU
  • Media: DVD-ROM
  • Release Date: December 31, 2011

Sooo…. is this another “accidental” slip up on the part of an online retailer?  Or just a “guess” by someone entering the data?

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Holy CRAP!

June 7, 2011 1 comment

If this little video of the upcoming blockbuster MMO StarWars:The Old Republic doesn’t make you want to play it (even a little) then NOTHING will.

I don’t know about you, but that smuggler had me re-thinking my choice of “main” when the game finally comes out.  Totally. Freaking. Awesome.  Excuse me while I go change my shorts….


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Another Disenchanted Gamer…

April 14, 2011 18 comments

Waiting for SWTOR

Check out this post by River at HLL.  It’s eerily similar to a post I made a couple of weeks ago in which I basically said the same things about my brief time with RIFT (I like his hot girl pic better tho!).  He and I weren’t exactly the only ones either.

So what is it about RIFT that makes people say “Oh yeah, it’s a great game, very polished, full of content and just about everything you’d want in an MMO BUT…”?

Have our tastes evolved?  Have we gotten too old?  Does any MMO coming out now days even stand a chance to win our jaded little hearts over?

Given what I and more than a few people have experienced with RIFT, by all accounts a very good game, I’d have to answer that with a tentative “No.”  Like River and a few others, I’m banking on SWTOR to reinvigorate my love of the genre.  The problem with that is I think I’m just fooling myself.  I also think that I’m starting to come to grips with the fact that that ship has sailed.  It’s a hard thing to contemplate, much less accept.

SWTOR will launch, people will mostly love it and gush about it all over the internet (myself most likely included) and oh… about a month or two in,  most will likely be looking forward to the next big thing.

~ Mojeaux

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