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Darklight Wood, Level 13, New Robe and Other Stuff…

August 19, 2011 2 comments

I think I’m finally done with the T’Var Outpost.  I put in about 1.5 hours last night after my wife faded off to sleep and made it through to 13 (from 10).  I’m thinking that I probably could have made it a little further, maybe even hit level 14, but I sort of took it easy and goofed around, stopping to gather at most of the nodes I came across as well as trying my hand at fishing (an event which lasted waaay longer than it took to gather the correct amount of fish for the corresponding quest).

The highlight of the night was a new robe gotten via a string of quests given by one npc or another at the T’Var Outpost.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually a pretty nice looking robe.  I don’t remember getting cool looking gear this early on when I last played.  In fact, one of my major pet peeves about the game back then was the lack of variety in armor/gear models etc.  I’m all about the eye candy!

Speaking of gear, it turns out that most of the quests that I was completing last night were yielding up some very usable gear ~ unlike a lot of quests in other games where you find that the rewards are often only good for selling because you’re already sporting something better or because it’s not really level appropriate any longer.  Refreshing.

Anyway, after finishing up at the Outpost, I was routed to another quest hub not far from there at which the NPC’s were just bristling with quests.  I picked up all of the ones that I could and then logged out for the night.  I’m hoping to get some decent play time in tonight so I’m going to set a goal of hitting level 20 tonight.  Might be realistic, might not be.  We’ll see.

~ Mojeaux

Note: I’ve given thought to the buying the Freeblood race, and since Kaozz has given me the low down on what’s what with that… and even though I have 2100 SC points (not sure how I came across those) I don’t think I’m going to take the plunge and buy the Freeblood.  I think if they had included the whole kit and kaboodle (race + racial abilities, mount, lair etc) I would have probably bitten (pardon the pun) but as it stands right now… I think I’ll pass.

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To Craft or Not to Craft…(and Vampires and Such)

August 18, 2011 5 comments

To craft or not to craft ~ that is the question.  Typically I avoid crafting and gathering in most MMO’s I play.  It’s just not something that I give much thought to initially, preferring to spend my limited play time exploring and/or leveling ~ preferably both.

In fact, since ’99, I think I’ve tried my hand at crafting in only three MMO’s: EQ2, AION and RIFT.  These forays into the time and cash sink known as CRAFTING were usually attempts (of varying success) to make armor or gear for myself (save some cash) and if I was lucky, maybe sell a little to make some gold on the side.  Never did get rich off of it like some people did.

Come to think of it, the furthest I’ve ever taken crafting was back when I played EQ2 the year it first came out (I played pretty regularly for a little more than a year before moving on).  I usually played a Pally, but I also had a cleric alt that made provisions.  He actually made some decent coin while doing it too.  And that was the low level stuff too.

So, seeing as how I need coin.. I’m wondering if it’s even worth spending the time gathering and crafting.  To save money? Sure.  To make money?  Eh… probably not.

Moving on to the Vampires.

So now you can play a vampire (Freeblood) in EQ2.  Cool!

I have to *buy* the race with Station Cash.  Not so cool.

WTF?!?  You have to buy your racial abilities as well?  Ok.. that’s taking the RMT shop thing a bit too far…

I read somewhere (can’t find it now) that the Velious expansion this past February included *free* access to the Freeblood as part of the expansion.  Haven’t been able to confirm nor deny.  Maybe one of you fine folks can enlighten me as to that?  And while you’re at it, if this is so, can you fill me in on whether I’ll need to buy the racials or if they’re included as well?  I’d like to play a Vamp, but not for $25 bucks.  Now if it comes as part of an expansion… yeah, I could see forking over the $29 for the expansion.

Anyway, I hit level 10 last night and changed my XP config to 85% going towards leveling and 15% going towards AA’s.  Not sure if this is a bad move or not in regards to what the pro’s recommend for efficiency, but for now it is what it is until I learn different….

~ Mojeaux