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Fickle is as Fickle Does…

August 16, 2011 4 comments

Not sure what that title up there means, but hey, it sounded good at the time…

Anyway, last night I did something that I haven’t done for quite some time (seems like ages) ~ I stayed up and played an MMO until the wee hours of the night.  Ok, it was only till 12:30 but still… that’s wee hours for me! (I’m such a wuss!  I blame age.)

Instead of going with my baby Ranger on the AB server however, I set my sights on the other high pop server (Crushbone ~ turns out it’s NOT a PvP server after all) and  I created a Dark Elf Illusionist (Moejeaux ~ so original aren’t I?) starting in/and around Neriak. The Dark Elf part is another deviation for me.  Although my original EQ1 Enchanter had been a DE also, I typically choose characters on what is usually considered the “Good” side.

So why an Enchanter?  Well, I went with an Enchanter for two reasons.  One, I once had this really bad ass Enchanter character back in my EQ 1 days, probably my favorite all time MMO character ~ and two, I just came off playing Rogue classes in my last two MMO’s (Aion and Rift) so I think maybe, a change might be in order.  Now I’m not ruling out creating a Rogue/Scout alt, but for now I’m going to go with the Illusionist.  A Druid alt might also be forthcoming in the near future.  We’ll see.  Maybe I’ll do something totally out of character for me and just stick with one Toon until I get it to level cap.  At 90… Yeah… never mind 🙂

So anyway, my adventure started out like most adventures do now days,  I located the token quest giver, conveniently located near my spawn point (‘natch!) and I got to it.  By 12:30 I was tired and ready to go to bed… but also sitting at level 7.  Not real exciting… but still fun enough for me to look forward to entering Norrath once again when I get home tonight……

~ Mojeaux

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Back to Norrath…

August 15, 2011 Comments off

Well, after a couple of months of no MMO’s, I finally lost it and I went ahead and downloaded EQII.  All 12.5 GB of it.  It didn’t help that my wife is going to Germany for a few weeks to visit family and friends.  I mean, what am I supposed to do with that much unsupervised time? 🙂

I haven’t played the game in quite a long time ~ in fact, if my payment history is correct, I think 2007 was the last time I set foot back in EQII.  One thing that caught me by surprise was that I had a level 37 Troll Shadow Knight on the Guk (medium pop) server just sitting there waiting for me.  He looked pretty spiffy and inviting too, just sitting there in all his shiny plate armor…  “Play me! Play me!” he seemed to say.  Sadly, I have absolutely no clue how to play him.

So… instead of sitting there for an hour or more trying to figure out my SK, after already having to endure the 12.5 GB download, I just decided to go ahead and re-roll a new character (Ranger) on the Antonia Bayle server.  It was one of two servers that showed “HIGH” populations among the 10 or so that were listed.  The other high pop server is a PvP server, so I’ll probably end up there once I get my bearings, but for now I think I want to just take it easy and “stop to smell the roses” so to speak.  Hopefully, choosing a High Pop server will provide me with plenty of folks to group with without having to join a guild.

I don’t mind guilds for the most part but I find that as I get older, I have less and less tolerance for the drama and the demands of a raiding guild or any other type of guild for that matter.  We’ll see.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a good casual semi-serious guild that likes to raid occasionally.

So anyway, as mentioned, I’ve rolled a Ranger on the AB server named Moejeaux.  Drop by and say “Hi” if you’re so inclined!


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Boulevard of Broken Dreams (aka A Night in Nektulos)

February 17, 2011 1 comment

Well, as the title of this post implies, I spent some time on the Fippy Darkpaw “classic” server last night.  And as much as I tried to get into it, I just couldn’t seem to do it.  This sucks for me for two reasons.  One, I love/loved EQ.  It hurts me to think that I can never go back.  And two, I think I might be one of these people who complain about how easy WoW is, but in reality couldn’t handle anything like EQ again.  I’ve long suspected that, at least for me, this has been the case since… Oh, I don’t know… the first time I left EQ?

I think that last night I finally (I know, a bit late) came to the realization that perhaps my memories of EQ are best left untouched.  The truth is, is that I’ve long been spoiled by the ease, beauty and accessibility of today’s modern MMOs and I can’t see myself going back.  Especially when it comes to the graphics.  EQ’s graphics just suck ass.  There I said it.  And I just can’t get over them.  They make my eyes bleed.  Really.

More importantly, after just an hour or so playing, I remembered why I left EQ in the first place.  Time.  I just don’t have the time I used to and if EQ was anything, it was a major time sink.  How my wife stuck with me during our early years, where I spent a huge amount of my free time playing EQ, is beyond me.  Yeah, I was all about the EQ back then.  Now, I’m more interested in keeping my relationship with my wife at a good place and so therefore I’m lucky if I can squeeze out an uninterrupted half an hour or so to play the “current favorite” most nights.

Another factor, contributing to my general disillusionment with EQ, but to a lesser extent, could have been that I knew I could be playing RIFT (which is where I ended up).  I hate to admit it, but RIFT’s faster leveling is a better fit with my sporadic play time.  Case in point, in the same time that I barely got to level 1.5 in EQ, I was already level 8 in RIFT….

Anyhow, here are a few “discoveries” that I made during the hour or so that I spent playing EQ last night:

  • For one thing, while I appreciate the devs efforts, this isn’t “Classic” EQ.  Not even close.
  • The graphics are absolutely horrible ~ that’s a big negative for me.
  • I’ve forgotten how to play and it’s a bit frustrating trying to figure it out all over again.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have enough time to devote to this game ~ XP gain, while on par with what it was back in the day, could at best be called – discouraging.  I played for over an hour last night and didn’t even sniff level 2.  Brutal.
  • I find myself more drawn to RIFT.


I’m not giving up on it or anything (just yet) but I’m not going to lie to myself (or you) either.  If I make it through until the 24th, when RIFT comes out, I’ll be surprised.


~ Mojeaux

No Fippy DarkPaw for You!

February 16, 2011 3 comments

So after much anticipation and a long day at work I get home last night kiss the wife, walk the dog, shower, grab something to eat, make my way up to the computer and fire it up.  I briefly toy with the idea of launching RIFT instead but then go ahead and fire up EQ.  To my utter surprise, the server was FULL and not accepting any log ins.  I mean, I had expected it to be pretty well received and all, but a full server?  I was elated and disappointed and the same time.  In fact, it was so successful that SOE quickly opened up a second progression server to handle the overflow.  I tried for about 30 minutes and after getting totally frustrated, I stopped and took a break to watch some TV.

After my show I tried once more and was unable to log in again and seeing as how I didn’t want to roll on the second server (it will probably be underpopulated once all the tourists go home) I went ahead and fired RIFT up.  I went with a Marksman/Ranger build again but only got as far as level 2 or 3 before I decided that my heart really wasn’t into it.

Anyway, this morning I was able to log in to Fippy and create my newbie DE Enchanter.  Here’s hoping I can log in tonight at a decent hour and get some playtime in.  If not, I’ll probably end up trudging through the Guardian starter zone (for the third time) again before having to do it when it counts on the 24th.

~ Mojeaux

You Ever Wondered What it Would Be Like to “Know Then What You Know Now”?

February 15, 2011 1 comment

A lot of us (especially once we grew older) have probably wondered what it would be like to have a “do over” but this time with the added knowledge that you gained along the way your first time around.  Well, if you ever played the original Everquest, and ever pined for “the good old days”, now’s your chance to have your cake and eat it too.

Today marks the day that SOE opens up their latest progression server: Fippy Darkpaw.

What’s great about this particular progression server is that it’s going to launch in a state that is as close as the Dev’s could make it to the original life-stealing, marriage-ruining, song-inspiring game that was Everquest back in 1999.  It will progress at a pace dictated by the community with actual votes being taken as to when to unlock the next expansion etc.  All in all it should be a grand time to be had by all, so long as everyone remembers that it was actually a different and much more… demanding game than a lot of games that have since come and gone.  I for one, am excited about the opportunity and am raring to go… now if only I could come up with a way to get out of work early today….

~ Mojeaux

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Old vs. New

February 12, 2011 Comments off

As pointed out by Gordon at We Fly Spitfires, come Tuesday the 15th, some of us Old Timers will have a tough choice to make.  That choice will involve two games.  One is over 12 years old and the other is barely in it’s infancy.  I’m referring of course to Everquest and RIFT.  Gordon, as I think most people will, sides with the new and shiny over the old, tried and true.  And I don’t blame him/them.  I must admit to being sorely tempted by RIFT as well ,but I think, that given that this is RIFT’s final BETA event, and not their head start/launch, I’m going to opt for playing EQ instead ~ at least until the 24th when the head start begins for RIFT.

The main reason for skipping out on this last beta event is that I don’t want to burn out on RIFT before the game even launches.  I know that six days isn’t that long (though it kinda is), but coupled with the previous two beta events that I participated in, it could leave me feeling a bit “been there done that” by the time the game goes live.  I’ve already played through the Guardian starting zone twice and I’m not really looking forward to my third time with my actual character.  And before anyone suggests it, I’m really not interested in the Defiant side of things.

My second big reason for opting for EQ is that I just can’t see myself passing up an opportunity that most likely will never come our way again.  I’ve often wished for just this sort of opportunity.  Some of my best memories involving online gaming were due to this game and it’s community.  It’s the only game that really did it for me in terms of MMOs.

Now, that being said, I’m also a realist.  I know that I will probably come away from the experience more than a little disappointed (after all you just can’t really recapture that “first time” feeling again) and that the overall honeymoon phase will probably be over quicker than a teenage boys firt time… but I still have to try.  I know that I will miss a lot of the modern mmo’s tools that we take for granted now but weren’t available back then and I know that I’ll chafe under the old graphics and I’m sure I’ll be heard cursing at how freaking stupid it is to be camping a mob for hours on end on the random chance he’ll drop that “shiny-of-shinies” that I just gotta have (and God help me if someone happens to KS the mob while I’m afk or something!)… but still, given all that… I have to try.  I mean, it’s EQ man!  Naggy, Vox, the Planes!  6 hour corpses runs! Loss of gear, XP, Levels!…  🙂

Besides, nothing says that I can’t pop in to RIFT if things get too 1999 for me…

~ Mojeaux

DE Enchanter – Fippy Darkpaw Server – EQ

Random EQ Observations from a Prodigal Son…

January 21, 2011 2 comments

Hi folks, nothing much to report on the gaming front today, except that there isn’t much of it going on in the Mojeaux household right now.  I’m still tooling around with EQ (sparingly) but have been distracted by yet another (recently acquired) hobby:  Genealogy.  The wife and I have been sort of interested in the subject for some time (my wife can trace her lineage back about 400 years!) and last week I finally decided to actively pursue that interest.  It really is amazing what one tiny piece of information can lead to!

Anyhow, I’m hoping to get some play time in this weekend .  Here are a few random thoughts from my trip back to Norrath.

  1. Getting “Clarity” would be nice, though at this point I’d settle for “Breeze” ~ it’s a line of buffs that increases Mana regeneration.
  2. I’d forgotten how much of my EQ time had been spent “medding” to replenish my mana pool (makes you more careful and less likely to spam spells).
  3. 8 or so spell slots can be very limiting ~ makes you decide what spells to bring to the situation.
  4. Mercs are a nice addition ~ shows how wussified I’ve become by recent MMO’s!  I blame WoW.
  5. Soloing isn’t as rough as it once was ~ thanks to the above mentioned Mercs.
  6. It’s still quite easy to die ~  ’nuff said.
  7. There are more people playing this game that I had imagined ~ even the newbie zones shows signs of life.
  8. The graphics don’t bother me as much as I thought they would ~ obviously could use some modernization ~ maybe in EQnext.
  9. The community is still a great one ~ huge contrast to most of the WoW crowd.
  10. I liked the tutorial ~ actually came in handy after being away from the game since 2003-2004

~ Mojeaux

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