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Butcherblock Mountains…

August 24, 2011

Butcherblock Mountains.  Or rather, the docks and the surrounding areas.  On Monday night I finished up with the Darklight Woods area and then made the trip to BBM.  I got started doing the starter quests being offered and hit 23 last night.

One thing I realized upon getting to BBM, was that I’ve been here and done this before.  I don’t remember how far I got, but I don’t think it was too far… I seem to remember doing some quests above on the cliffs surrounding the bay but that’s about it.  That was back with my Troll SK in ’07 or so.

I really wasn’t in the mood to play last night,  but I got on anyway and knocked out a few of the quests leftover from Monday night before logging out and watching the rest of the Godfather Part II (my favorite of the three) on Blu-Ray.

To be honest, it was rather uninspiring.  The quests were ho-hum and after awhile actually started to annoy me a little bit.  I did end up dying twice during my half hearted adventures last night though.  My third time overall.  Three equal conning Aqua Goblins did me in.  For some reason they kept breaking my mezzes.  Bad JuJu for a Chanter.  Anyway, after the second time I called it a night and  logged out, abandoning my somewhat ambitious (more like ridiculous) quest to hit 25 last night.  I’ll give it another shot tonight though.  I might even try to find a Crushbone group or something.  Soloing is alright and all, but sometimes seeking out company is the way to go.

OR… I COULD give in to my nature and look at starting an alt.  I know.. I know.. I just said I *could*.  If I do start an alt though, I’d have to decide on what to roll.  I’m thinking Ranger (scout class again) or possibly an Assassin or Paladin.  I kind of miss my plate class.  Back when I quit though, and part of my reason for leaving the game, was that my 50th level Paladin was not a very good tanking option at the time.  I wonder if things have gotten any better since then (Desert of Flames days).  I guess I’ll have to see how I feel when I settle in for tonight.

~ Mojeaux


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  1. August 24, 2011 at 21:22

    I feel you there, some of those quests can be very boring, not a big BB fan. When the expansion comes out in Nov, there will be a better leveling area for those levels, for the evil aligned players anyhow.

    While everyone can solo in EQ2 I find some classes more enjoyable than others. There are a lot of encounters in this game where three mobs come at you at once. I suppose you really have to like some of those classes to stick with them! Anything that can heal is generally much easier and shadowknights are really great, I’d imagine the paladin sort of similar. Summoners solo easy too, my necro was a cakewalk. Classes with aoe can kill those encounter faster which sometimes feels easier- then again the enchanters get really nice if you stick with them, or so I hear. They can solo some really tough stuff it just takes levels and AA.

    I suppose that is why some of my alts sort of sit there, waiting until I can get a merc to help me along some of those rough spots, lol. Really nice to read another player write about EQ2, sorry If I’m haunting your page while on my hiatus! Hang in there, there are rough patches but the game really has some enjoyable quests in the near future (well, levels in your case)!

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