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A Little More and Then Some…

August 21, 2011

Well, the wife had landed safely in the land of juicy bratwursts and monolithic sized beer steins!  Before heading off to the airport and while she was putting the final touches on her packing efforts, I got on and knocked out a few quests around my new quest hub:  Wanderlust Fair.  I did pretty well too, given the short time I had, getting to level 15 before having to log out.

When I finally got back from the airport (it’s a 3 hour drive ONE way) and got settled in, ready to play, I did something stupid which ended with me getting frustrated and logging out for the night.  I guess it wasn’t really “stupid” ~ just unfortunate.

It all started when I opened up my quest log and noticed that I had a few lower level quests still open.  Most conned blue but there were a few green ones too.  Now I don’t know about you guys, but I hate deleting quests from my quest logs, so I decided that the best course of action would be to start with the green ones and work my way up to the blue quests; the only problem being that as I work the green quests and turn them in, my blue quests start becoming green because of the xp gain from the original green quests.  Which means that in the end, most of my quest turn-ins are netting me minimal xp gains.  So I guess now, the question becomes:  Do I skip the green quests from now on and just do the blue or better?  Will I miss out on gear and such as a result?  Arrrgh!

So anyway, as result of all of this agonizing over quest efficiency, and deciding to work on my earliest quests first blah, blah, blah ~  I decided to finally go and hit Neriak as part of a quest that I got in my early levels.  I had neglected this particular quest when it was first given to me and now I remember why.  It’s has you running all over Neriak collecting signatures for the Dark Traders.  I hate these types of quests.  Especially when you can’t find the NPCs.

During the course of this quest, when I was searching for my third npc, I ended up going into the crafting area and for some reason my pc experienced a memory error both times I tried.  Upon the second time I just gave up for the night, frustrated at not having really moved the xp bar at all this time around.  Upon reflection I think it’s just that I have the graphics settings set too high for my system (Ultra or something like that) so I’ll see if knocking it down a few notches doesn’t fix my memory error tonight when I get home from work.  Also, I think I may just go back to Wanderlust Fair and start working those quests.  Anyway, if all goes well, I may just hit 20 tonight.

~ Mojeaux


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