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To Craft or Not to Craft…(and Vampires and Such)

August 18, 2011

To craft or not to craft ~ that is the question.  Typically I avoid crafting and gathering in most MMO’s I play.  It’s just not something that I give much thought to initially, preferring to spend my limited play time exploring and/or leveling ~ preferably both.

In fact, since ’99, I think I’ve tried my hand at crafting in only three MMO’s: EQ2, AION and RIFT.  These forays into the time and cash sink known as CRAFTING were usually attempts (of varying success) to make armor or gear for myself (save some cash) and if I was lucky, maybe sell a little to make some gold on the side.  Never did get rich off of it like some people did.

Come to think of it, the furthest I’ve ever taken crafting was back when I played EQ2 the year it first came out (I played pretty regularly for a little more than a year before moving on).  I usually played a Pally, but I also had a cleric alt that made provisions.  He actually made some decent coin while doing it too.  And that was the low level stuff too.

So, seeing as how I need coin.. I’m wondering if it’s even worth spending the time gathering and crafting.  To save money? Sure.  To make money?  Eh… probably not.

Moving on to the Vampires.

So now you can play a vampire (Freeblood) in EQ2.  Cool!

I have to *buy* the race with Station Cash.  Not so cool.

WTF?!?  You have to buy your racial abilities as well?  Ok.. that’s taking the RMT shop thing a bit too far…

I read somewhere (can’t find it now) that the Velious expansion this past February included *free* access to the Freeblood as part of the expansion.  Haven’t been able to confirm nor deny.  Maybe one of you fine folks can enlighten me as to that?  And while you’re at it, if this is so, can you fill me in on whether I’ll need to buy the racials or if they’re included as well?  I’d like to play a Vamp, but not for $25 bucks.  Now if it comes as part of an expansion… yeah, I could see forking over the $29 for the expansion.

Anyway, I hit level 10 last night and changed my XP config to 85% going towards leveling and 15% going towards AA’s.  Not sure if this is a bad move or not in regards to what the pro’s recommend for efficiency, but for now it is what it is until I learn different….

~ Mojeaux

  1. August 18, 2011 at 14:03

    I find a nice way to make money is from house items. Like on the 20th of each month is moonlight enchantments, stocking up on those items (and the shinies from the instances if you don’t want/need) and selling them a few days later can net some nice plat, also the monthly city festivals. That is where I make most of my money. Trying to level up my crafters, but I am always getting undercut and make very little money along the way. I suppose some profs do better than others and also the higher the level the better stuff you can sell for more.

    Freebloods were given as part of the Velious winter rewards program, you had to be subbed during the promotion to get the free race. They don’t come with Velious 😦 I bought the race because I was unsubbed for at least a month there. For Christmas I was given station cash cards so I put it to good use. I didn’t buy the race pack for my Inquis (who I race-changed to a Freeblood) and really I don’t even miss it, mostly cosmetic stuff. It is cheaper to buy the bundle though. For cloud of bats to actually fly I think you need to be 85 and I know you have to do the quest for it, much like the regular mount at 85. Or you could just buy a flying mount and skip it.

    Hope that helps you some! Gratz on 10!

  2. Encrazed Crafts
    August 18, 2011 at 16:38

    I haven’t done much MMO’ing outside of WoW, so most of my knowledge is based on that AH supply and demand. I started out as a engineer and miner. Poor me. To this day, even though I have like three on different servers, I think engineering is a TERRIBLE ‘profession’ and still needs some serious attention. (They changed it in Cata, but they changed a LOT of things in Cata. For example: I played before Cata, and I do not play now, post Cata. Change does not equate to good change ^_^) Rage aside, engineering taught me that the only real way to make cash in the game, at that time, was to sell the mats pre-crafting. Trying to sell the actual item itself as an Engineer was garbage, no demand and far too high supply.

    General rule of thumb is just sell the mats at let the crafters duke it out on the AH. The only real money movers are the things on the market today are things that *everyone* needs. Potions and gems. (Verses only leather items as only a few classes can wear that, for example.) Everyone needs gems, and so those prices stay high. Playing those game you’ll know what those cash cows are.

    The only game I actually enjoyed crafting in was Vanguard. I had that system mapped out and all the quirks and kinks worked out in my noodle. Then they changed it, and I stopped playing the beta >.> But it was great fun before then! Don’t really even remember what was changed, but the whole ‘feel’ of it was completely lost, I recall that.

  3. August 19, 2011 at 08:46

    Well so far I’m still gathering when I come across a node just to keep my skill up for if and when I decide to take up crafting. But you’re right, consumables are the way to go in an older MMO if you want to make ca$h I would think.

  4. August 19, 2011 at 16:45

    Very good suggestion Encrazed Crafts made. Gathering can help out a bit with getting yourself set up with some money. The thing with EQ2 is, they sometimes sell a lot cheaper than you’d think. It’s not nearly as good as it would be in WoW, I made tons of money off of gathering and selling items there, here it is quite different. But I used it to get my Inquis set up with some bags and stuff it!

    Do the harvesting obsession quest, you probably got a mail about it. http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/A_Gathering_Obsession
    It will net you with 17gold which helps too!

    Shoot me an in-game mail with your characters name if you like, I can help you get started with some bags and such.

    • Encrazed Crafts
      August 19, 2011 at 20:36

      Leave the pro to give the dynamite details and show the rest of us up 😛 I honestly haven’t the slightest how EQ operates in crafting terms, but along with Kaozz’s guidance, something that I thought was a great bit of advice I heard a few years back was to check the various markets price ranges per craft. Like, if skinning is an option, look up the average price of the noob leather, the middle level stuff, and the high end. Compare that with mining or whatever else there is, woodcrafting etc. That gives a nice glimpse of the ‘spread’ of demand and that.

      It quickly turns into a can of worms though if you are looking at the details. It would in theory be most wise to check out the prices over the process of a week or two as weekends tend to sell stuff cheaper than weekdays (Tuesday to thursday is the general Seller sweet spot) and anything could alter prices. Maybe a holiday requires a specific leaf or something to complete a quest, or someone was power leveling their profession they might have cleared out the cache of specific goods, leaving only the vastly over-charged ones.

      Buy low, sell high is the backbone of trading for profit. As long as you make even a copper profit more than the cost, you’re gaining ground. The more you gain per transaction, the better, of course 😀

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