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A Whole Lot of Nothing…

August 9, 2011 Comments off

… is exactly what I’ve been doing lately.  Aside from a really good game of CIV 5, I haven’t really touched my computer since putting in my new Video card a few weeks ago.  I haven’t even bothered to download the bundled game that came with the video card – DIRT 3.  Not that I’m a racing/driving game sort of guy, but I still like to look at what I can only surmise are really cool graphics.  Maybe I’ll get around to it this week… maybe.

About the only thing out of the ordinary that I’ve done here recently revolves around shooting.  I took my wife out a couple of weeks ago and it turns out that not only does she like it, but she’s also pretty good at it!  It’s cool to find a “hobby” that both she and I can enjoy.

Anyhow, before I log out, I’d like to welcome Girl Grey back to blogging after a long hiatus.  Welcome back GG!

And with that… I’m out!


~ Mojeaux

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