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So I Canceled My Sub…

April 1, 2011

Well, last night I went ahead and canceled my subscription to RIFT.  No particular reason.  I just haven’t logged in for any serious playing in about 2 weeks+ and I’m not really missing it.  I did log in the other day to check on my account (to make sure it hadn’t been hacked – my buddy alerted me that his account had been hacked so I thought I’d better check mine) and I’ll admit, I almost got sucked back in but it didn’t stick.

I’m not gonna bash the game – it doesn’t deserve it – because in my opinion it’s a really good model for what an MMO should be.  However, since it really is more of the same-old-same-old (just in a different and very pretty wrapper) it just isn’t innovative enough to keep me interested.  That’s not necessarily a knock on RIFT itself, but more of a knock on the entire genre.

I’m really, really hoping that SWTOR will break the mold but my heart of hearts is whispering to me that it won’t be and that I’ll be singing this same tune a few weeks/months after it launches.  Maybe I’m just getting too old for these time devouring games.  I find myself ignoring my computer more and more these days, preferring to spend my time pursuing other hobbies and interests.  I don’t think I’ve touched the computer, much less played a game, in oh… about a week or more.  I mean, I want to… and I go home just about every night with the intention of doing so… but it just never seems to work out.  Worse than that though?  Is that I don’t miss it… I only miss it when I’m at work bored out of my mind.  Ah well, hopefully it’s just ordinary burn out….


~ Mojeaux

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  1. Pitrelli
    April 2, 2011 at 05:29


    I hear you my friend I hear you

    Trouble is I NEED and MMO damn it!

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