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Boulevard of Broken Dreams (aka A Night in Nektulos)

February 17, 2011

Well, as the title of this post implies, I spent some time on the Fippy Darkpaw “classic” server last night.  And as much as I tried to get into it, I just couldn’t seem to do it.  This sucks for me for two reasons.  One, I love/loved EQ.  It hurts me to think that I can never go back.  And two, I think I might be one of these people who complain about how easy WoW is, but in reality couldn’t handle anything like EQ again.  I’ve long suspected that, at least for me, this has been the case since… Oh, I don’t know… the first time I left EQ?

I think that last night I finally (I know, a bit late) came to the realization that perhaps my memories of EQ are best left untouched.  The truth is, is that I’ve long been spoiled by the ease, beauty and accessibility of today’s modern MMOs and I can’t see myself going back.  Especially when it comes to the graphics.  EQ’s graphics just suck ass.  There I said it.  And I just can’t get over them.  They make my eyes bleed.  Really.

More importantly, after just an hour or so playing, I remembered why I left EQ in the first place.  Time.  I just don’t have the time I used to and if EQ was anything, it was a major time sink.  How my wife stuck with me during our early years, where I spent a huge amount of my free time playing EQ, is beyond me.  Yeah, I was all about the EQ back then.  Now, I’m more interested in keeping my relationship with my wife at a good place and so therefore I’m lucky if I can squeeze out an uninterrupted half an hour or so to play the “current favorite” most nights.

Another factor, contributing to my general disillusionment with EQ, but to a lesser extent, could have been that I knew I could be playing RIFT (which is where I ended up).  I hate to admit it, but RIFT’s faster leveling is a better fit with my sporadic play time.  Case in point, in the same time that I barely got to level 1.5 in EQ, I was already level 8 in RIFT….

Anyhow, here are a few “discoveries” that I made during the hour or so that I spent playing EQ last night:

  • For one thing, while I appreciate the devs efforts, this isn’t “Classic” EQ.  Not even close.
  • The graphics are absolutely horrible ~ that’s a big negative for me.
  • I’ve forgotten how to play and it’s a bit frustrating trying to figure it out all over again.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have enough time to devote to this game ~ XP gain, while on par with what it was back in the day, could at best be called – discouraging.  I played for over an hour last night and didn’t even sniff level 2.  Brutal.
  • I find myself more drawn to RIFT.


I’m not giving up on it or anything (just yet) but I’m not going to lie to myself (or you) either.  If I make it through until the 24th, when RIFT comes out, I’ll be surprised.


~ Mojeaux

  1. February 17, 2011 at 10:19

    No shame in that at all. I think a lot of the old veterans will find exactly what you’ve just expressed above. We all long for the days where we could blow 6 hours at a time playing EQ (or FFXI in my case) and remember fondly the great things we experienced, but it all comes back to the same thing – it was our first. MMOs were new and fresh and that experience can’t be relived.

    Like I mentioned in my previous comment on a different post, I went back to FFXI not for nostalgia, but because they raised the leveling XP gain. I want to see what I missed and what’s been added since I was there last. The game still holds allure for me in that regard that it’s like an unfinished book. I wouldn’t want to go back if I’d completed all the end-game stuff and do it over just for the hell of it.

    We’re getting older, Moj, and we have responsibilities. It’s life, and it doesn’t make us lesser gamers. 🙂

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