Old vs. New

February 12, 2011

As pointed out by Gordon at We Fly Spitfires, come Tuesday the 15th, some of us Old Timers will have a tough choice to make.  That choice will involve two games.  One is over 12 years old and the other is barely in it’s infancy.  I’m referring of course to Everquest and RIFT.  Gordon, as I think most people will, sides with the new and shiny over the old, tried and true.  And I don’t blame him/them.  I must admit to being sorely tempted by RIFT as well ,but I think, that given that this is RIFT’s final BETA event, and not their head start/launch, I’m going to opt for playing EQ instead ~ at least until the 24th when the head start begins for RIFT.

The main reason for skipping out on this last beta event is that I don’t want to burn out on RIFT before the game even launches.  I know that six days isn’t that long (though it kinda is), but coupled with the previous two beta events that I participated in, it could leave me feeling a bit “been there done that” by the time the game goes live.  I’ve already played through the Guardian starting zone twice and I’m not really looking forward to my third time with my actual character.  And before anyone suggests it, I’m really not interested in the Defiant side of things.

My second big reason for opting for EQ is that I just can’t see myself passing up an opportunity that most likely will never come our way again.  I’ve often wished for just this sort of opportunity.  Some of my best memories involving online gaming were due to this game and it’s community.  It’s the only game that really did it for me in terms of MMOs.

Now, that being said, I’m also a realist.  I know that I will probably come away from the experience more than a little disappointed (after all you just can’t really recapture that “first time” feeling again) and that the overall honeymoon phase will probably be over quicker than a teenage boys firt time… but I still have to try.  I know that I will miss a lot of the modern mmo’s tools that we take for granted now but weren’t available back then and I know that I’ll chafe under the old graphics and I’m sure I’ll be heard cursing at how freaking stupid it is to be camping a mob for hours on end on the random chance he’ll drop that “shiny-of-shinies” that I just gotta have (and God help me if someone happens to KS the mob while I’m afk or something!)… but still, given all that… I have to try.  I mean, it’s EQ man!  Naggy, Vox, the Planes!  6 hour corpses runs! Loss of gear, XP, Levels!…  🙂

Besides, nothing says that I can’t pop in to RIFT if things get too 1999 for me…

~ Mojeaux

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