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Christmas Blah…

December 28, 2010

Well, Christmas has come and gone and the holidays are half over (I’m actually at work until Thursday (more like sitting around twiddilling my thumbs since everyone else is off) ~ then off for another 3 days) and much to my surprise, I didn’t even get the urge to log into WoW one time since the first half of my holidays began on Thursday last.  Instead, I’ve found myself trying to conquer and pillage my way towards world domination as the Spanish in Medieval Total War II.  Not an easy task, let me tell you.  I’ve driven the Moors back to North Africa and the Portuguese finally succumbed to my superior forces and intellect (ha!) but the French and now the Mongols are starting to encroach upon my lands with vastly superior numbers and technology.  Methinks my days are numbered and a re-start will soon be in order.  Maybe I’ll go back to playing the English.  They’re much easier to get off the ground early on.

One thing that was a little disappointing was that I’m having to face up to the fact that I’m just not the gaming machine I used to be, though, lol.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I don’t think I lasted past midnight on any particular night over the holidays, even though I had every intention of doing some playing each and every one of those nights.  Not even the thought of crushing those nasty, garlic eating Frenchies into dust beneath the hooves of my mighty armies was enough to coax me out of my warm and inviting bed away from my equally warm and inviting wife 🙂

So what does all of this mean for WoW and my future with it?  I don’t know.  Right now I’m still not feeling the urge to log in.  Instead, I feel like empire building/conquering and total world subjugation.  I might even crank up Civ 5 and give it another whirl now that a few patches have been released via Steam.

However, I’d rather be playing Europa Universalis: Rome.  The trick is that I have to find the disks, which so far, have eluded my half-hearted attempts at finding them.  If you like strategy games set in Roman times, then this game is one of those that you just have to play.  It’s pretty engaging and sure to keep you at your desk for hours on end.  One of the things I like about it is that it has some interesting takes on keeping the populace happy, keeping your nobles placated and loyal and more importantly, keeping your Generals happy and well fed on a diet of conquest and glory or see them defect with their entire army at what will surely be an inopportune time.  If I could only find those disks…..

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