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New and Shiny vs. Old but more Advanced…

October 11, 2010

Well, it looks like I’m going to get to play WoW after all.  It turns out that all my connection problems were due to my ISP having some intermittent issues – for days.  Once they got things figured out and relatively stable, I was able to log on and stay on.  Woo-hoo!  Once I managed to get logged in, I found that I actually had a couple of decent level characters waiting for me.  Well decent for me, considering I don’t remember playing WoW for that long.  It turns out that I have a level 45 Paladin and a level 35 Hunter.  And that’s where the rub comes in.

During my attempts at troubleshooting my connection issues, I created a new Hunter on a server that is geographically closer to my location.  My reasoning was that by eliminating a few hops between myself and the server, I could improve my connection.  Now that my new Hunter is level 16, I’m torn between sticking with him or going back to my level 35 Hunter (don’t think I’ll be playing the Pally).

One of the things that made starting over easier to swallow, was that I had absolutely no clue as to what I was doing with my higher level Hunter.  I didn’t know the skill set or where the heck I was or even how to manipulate the UI  or my pet very well.  I kept dying as a result.  Playing the newbie Hunter through 16 levels however, allowed me to pick up most of what I had forgotten and now I feel relatively comfortable with the class once again.  Unfortunately, like most starting characters, I’m poor.

Looking at my two older toons, I don’t have a lot of cash to speak of (I think I have a combined amount of 40 gold) but I do have some nice bags, something I’m sorely missing with my new toon.  So the dilemma for me is, do I just stick with my new Hunter and work my way back up?  It doesn’t seem like it will be all that hard since levels seem to come relatively fast, or do I abandon him and go back to my original characters, the benefits of which will be a little starting cash, as well as better gear (mostly greens and blues) and the larger capacity bags?  Another benefit would be that I’d also be able to skip about 20 levels worth of grinding/questing (4-5 days?) which I’ve already seen, albeit 4 years ago.  Hmm.. almost sounds like a no-brainer huh?

What would you do?


~ Mojeaux

  1. Pitrelli
    October 11, 2010 at 15:14

    First I’d make sure I was Horde then I’d reroll a Rogue, especially with patch 4.0.1 landing tomorrow or wednesday.

    If not and its between a hunter and a paladin I’d recommend a paladin every time. Although having to roll a blood elf is a bit crap…..

    • October 11, 2010 at 15:38

      Ok, explain a little bit for my n00b self.

      I know you like Horde, so that’s a preference, I’m guessing. I know you like Rogue’s too, so I’m guessing still preference. What’s the deal with 4.0.1?

      Does it gimp Hunters?
      Make Rogues OP’ed?
      Why a Paladin over a Hunter?

      The reason I chose Hunter was because I didn’t want too much responsibility in a group setting. Kind of doing this for fun. Last I remember, Paladin’s were expected to heal and were sometimes the only healer in the group. Too much grief if things go wrong… explain your choices though if you please, I’m eager to learn.

      • Pitrelli
        October 11, 2010 at 17:30

        -Ok Horde because there are less kids(its still pretty bad tbh – but hey better races).

        -Rogues because they are still the best imo for openworld pvp and are challenging to play.

        -Patch 4.0.1 is really gonna mix things up with regards to class mechanics and you will actually get interesting abilities at lower levels which give you a flavour of what to expect at higher levels.

        -Paladins over hunters because it will give you a chance to pick if you wanna dps (retribution spec-most fun), tank (prot) or heal if you so please at later levels. You will no doubt have bad memories of paladins from playing in vanilla but I can assure you the class has improved 10 fold and retribution imo is one of the most fun classes/specs to play.

        Im also a self confessed hunter hater I admit, sure they are easy to play (perhaps not at endgame) but they are also very very boring.

        • Pitrelli
          October 11, 2010 at 17:36

          I’ll add in once you get a toon to level 55 I recommend trying a death knight (unholy spec) its not for everyone but its definately worth giving them a go if only for the scripted starting zone and phasing.

  2. October 11, 2010 at 20:00

    I’m away from home, but will be back tomorrow. As a lvl 80 hunter, I’ll be happy to help you out with some tips. Hunters are about to undergo a huge change with 4.0. Going from mana to focus.

  3. October 12, 2010 at 05:55

    Personally, I would play the new hunter a few more levels, working on your standard rotations (order in which you use your abilities), until you have the majority of the skills that your big hunter has. Then, switch to your big hunter.

    Horde may have less “kids” (meaning actual children) but they’ve got plenty more asshat kids. Difference is, the alliance kids have their parents nearby to keep them in check, whereas the horde kids just enjoy being dickfaces.

    As for the patch, I have no idea what it does, but don’t change your class because of 1 patch. Hunter has always been a strong pve class. Since day 1 it has been one of the easier classes to survive with, they’re not going to change that ever imo.

  4. October 12, 2010 at 08:31

    Hm. Well, I ended up deleting my new hunter because I found out that the server I built him on (Balnazzar) was a very low population server. Not much chance of consistent PvP action. Chromaggus, which is where my other two characters are is also low pop. Will probably end up deleting them too… OR.. I might take the Pally another 10 levels and unlock the Death Knight class. Can you build the DK on any server after you have at least one 55 or do you have to build it on the same server as the level 55?

    As for a “main”, I think I’m going to stick with an NE Hunter for now (sorry Pit!). I’ve built a level 1 Hunter on Stormreach (I think that’s the name) because it’s high pop and seems to have about an even number of Horde and Alliance. I’m open to other server suggestions that meet the same req’s (high pop + balanced).

    Unfortunately I didn’t get to play at all last night because I was busy getting a laptop loaded up and patched (I’ll be away from home off and on for the next two weeks showing some of my wife’s friends from Germany around the great state of Louisiana) and I gotta have something to play on!). Like I said though, I’m looking for easy and fun, and the Hunter class seems to fit that bill. Plus I like CC’ing. I don’t want to get into tanking just yet (if ever again) and I’ve never really been the healer type. I may go Rogue at a later date though, as I liked the Rogue class in Aion (first time playing a rogue class). I am intrigued by the Death Knight class too, so if you’re not tied to the same server as your level 55 toon, I’ll probably make one of them as well just in case I ever get the tanking urge back.

    Oh, and can anyone provide some advice as to what mods to download and install?

    • October 12, 2010 at 14:02

      Beast Mastery is definitely the way to level – your pet is a portable tank, and as bonedead said earlier, it’s a great PvE class. It’s also a fantastic Battleground class; you’ll find that the kill charts are often dominated by Warlocks and Hunters, particularly in lower levels.

      BM rotation is simple, with little variation. Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, Steady, Steady, Arcane (throw Multi in on multiple targets or for extra damage), Kill Shot. Now, many of those shots you won’t get until later, so it’s basically Serpent Sting and Arcane early on.

      As for mods, I use Titan Panel (UI overlay), xPerl (raid/party frames), Recount (DPS meter), and Sabrina Buff Frames (change the layout of buffs/debuffs, making it much easier to see). DeadlyBossMods, too, for Dungeons/Raids. I don’t like to overuse mods, so that’s basically what I run with. My Auction House character uses several others, Auctioneer, QA2, etc. but no need to put those on your main, most likely.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. 🙂

    • October 12, 2010 at 14:04

      Also, I’m 99.99% certain it’s a level 55 on any server = you can make DK on any server (doesn’t have to be the same one).

  5. Pitrelli
    October 12, 2010 at 11:34

    ha ha fair play for makin up your own mind 😉

    Um as far as addons go head over to curse and download their client updater then have a look on their site for class specific packs of addons which will give you a good base or ideas of what you are after. Auctioneer is a must imo for scanning the ah for price guidance etc

  6. Pitrelli
    October 12, 2010 at 11:36

    note addons may not work off the bat with the new patch so use the client to update them when they become available

  7. October 12, 2010 at 14:21

    Thanks for the replies guys. I’m going to need a lot of help/advice lol.

    • Pitrelli
      October 12, 2010 at 19:14

      Ah that you not saying WoW aint quite as easy as it seems?!

      Kiddin I have a post brewing about WoW (or any MMO for that matter) and the ‘noob’ which I may use you as an example

      • October 13, 2010 at 06:04

        Hah, this newb over here is a newb. I can see it now.

        The 55 on one server DK on any server thing is true. As for server population, I found it doesn’t really matter that much except for end game raiding. Mainly due to the dungeon finder forming groups with players on different servers. I’ve not played recent enough to remember my mods but I didn’t have that many.

      • October 13, 2010 at 15:26

        Just bustin your balls good sir!

        Check out that night elf vajayjay up top, what a slut amirite?

        • October 13, 2010 at 16:21

          Oh I know, no feathers ruffled, just didn’t want Pitrelli thinking I’d gone soft or anything 🙂

      • October 13, 2010 at 16:24

        Well don’t go getting too excited, I still think the game itself is terribly “ez-mode”, so I haven’t changed my mind about that at all. In fact, if anything it seems even easier than I remember.

        My requests for help/advice will be because for all intents and purposes I’m “new” to the game. Remember, I haven’t logged in since ’06. That’s 4 years and two expansions later! Of course im going to have questions. That doesnt mean the game is “hard”, just means I’m not imformed 🙂

        And I’m lazy when it comes to doing research (I’d rather be playing).

  8. Pitrelli
    October 13, 2010 at 17:56

    Just as well you didnt take my advice Ret paladins have took a real beating in this new patch.

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