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Troubles in Azeroth…

October 7, 2010

… Or rather, trouble getting BACK in to Azeroth.

I left Azeroth back in 2006 and have never looked back.  Nor have I had the urge to do so for the last four years despite their two other, rather large, and wildly successful expansions.  The impending launch of  WoW’s latest expansion, however, has for some strange reason changed all that for me.

So I decided to give Cataclysm a try.  Since that decision, I’ve been trying to do a couple of things to get me on my way:

  1. Install WoW
  2. Recover my username and password
  3. Convert my WoW account to a Battle.net account
  4. Log in

Easy right?

Not so much.

The first night, I ran into the small problem of not being able to locate my original CD’s, that’s probably because I threw them away during our last “Let’s get rid of everything we don’t need” day at my house (my wife’s idea, not mine).  My wife helpfully reminds me of this little fact about an hour into the search.  Ok.  No big deal right?  I should be able to locate and download a copy, right?

Sure enough, after a little bit of searching on the interwebs, I found one.  So I begin the download and wait…  And wait.  And wait.  The timer finally informs me that this will take anywhere from 3-8 hours.  I figure it’s time to call it a night and let the computer do it’s thing.  So off I go to do whatever it is I do when I’m not playing games…

The next night rolls around and I have my copy of WoW sitting safely on my hard drive but before I install it, I figure I better go about recovering my password.  I mean, what good would it do me to have the game installed if I can’t log in, right?  Well, it turns out that in order to reset my password, I need my username, which of course, after four years, I’ve forgotten.  Joy.

So I start digging through my archived mail, hoping against all hope that I might have saved something that would have that piece of information on it and lo’ and behold!  I had kept my cancellation e-mail from Blizzard and they had been kind enough to include my rather unusual username (no wonder I couldn’t remember it!) along with all the other usual stuff included in cancellation e-mails!  Hoo-rah, right?

Not so much. 

Now they wanted the 4 year old email account associated with the Blizzard account when I closed it down…  Alriiiight.. luckily, Blizzard was far-seeing enough to include an option for attaching a new e-mail account if you no longer had access to the old e-mail account.  So after jumping through a couple more hoops, I got past that and managed to attach my new e-mail address with the old WoW account.  So far so good.  Right?

Not so much.

During the process of trying to re-set my password, I failed to note that when they asked for my e-mail on the password re-set page, they were still talking about my OLD email address… you know, the one I had recently removed from my account.  Arrrgggh!  Anyway, this led to me being locked out of attempting to recover my password and being told to come back and try later… So I decided to call it a night and go do whatever it is I do when I’m not playing games… (which lately has been, crawling into bed pretty early as I’ve seemed to have contracted some sort of bug that’s been going around at work).

So that’s pretty much where I found myself yesterday evening as I sat down in front of my PC.  After a few minutes, I managed to retrieve my password (funny how reading stuff actually helps!) and figured all my troubles were over… right?

Not so much.

Because I quickly found out that I was stymied yet again!  It seems that Blizzard wants you to convert your WoW account to a Battle.net account, which is all fine and dandy except for one. freaking. thing…. in order to attach WoW to the Battle.net account, you need the FREAKING CD KEY!!!!  Arrgh!  It seems I’m back to square one.  So now what my intrepid friends?  Now what?

I tried logging into my account on the Blizzard/WoW page, to see if MAYBE, just maybe, I could retrieve my cd key there, but it wants the Battle.net account creds, which once provided, it then reports that there is no WoW account attached to it.  I’m wondering if I install the game, and use my WoW credentials, will it let me log in and play?  Or will it want my Battle.net credentials and then tell me I can’t log in since there is no WoW account attached to it?  Besides, I still need to log into the account page in order to re-sub.  It seems I’m running out of options here.  There is always the option to buy the game again ($20 at Wal-Mart) but what about my old characters?  I just don’t know… perhaps a call into Blizzard’s tech support is in order… any other suggestions?

Update:  I just got off the phone with a very helpful Blizz rep who after a few questions, linked my old WoW account with my new Battle.net account.  He says I should now be able  log in, re-sub etc.  Awesome!  I’ll give that a shot sometime tonight…

~ Mojeaux

  1. October 7, 2010 at 17:02

    Haha, good ol account recovery. Unfortunately the process is similar across all MMOs. I believe that calling support is usually the quickest way to get things sorted out, though I’ve only done it once. Enjoy!

  2. October 7, 2010 at 20:38

    I would have thought that playing Cataclysm would warrant starting fresh with a new character.

    Why not make a new account?

    • October 8, 2010 at 07:41

      @Victor ~ I plan on starting fresh with a new character when Cataclysm comes out, but I was hoping to get a little cash under my belt beforehand to ease the process along a little bit 🙂

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